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  • Four Great Places to Eat in Boulder and Denver

    Colorado, the land of the free… to smoke marijuana. One of many reasons people across the US are flocking to the state. But not the reason that my guy and I have our heart pointed in that direction.

    Mountains. Snow. Outdoors. Cool people. Great beer. Chill vibe. Holistic lifestyle. These are the reasons we love Colorado.

    Over the holidays we drove 12 hours to visit the state from our home in Dallas. We spent three nights in Boulder and ...

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  • Why I Want to Move to California

    Imagine. Waking up to the bright blue and white light of the morning sun peaking in through your bedroom window on a Saturday morning. You stretch your arms above your head, rub the crusties from your eyes and gaze about the room in wonder of this beautiful light. You're inspired by the light to smile, sit up, and get ready for the day. A full day of adventure lay ahead of you. Not any ordinary adventure but the kind that leads you ...

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  • Starting Over Again

    It's not easy hitting the reset button, be that in relationships, at work, or  at home. And yet, that's exactly what I've done with Heart Driven Life (HDL). When I started HDL two years ago I had a vision of running a life coaching business. I set up shop and started attracting clients. I was in a coaching academy to train me to coach and build a business. I did all of this while in the middle of nursing school. You could ...