Starting Over Again

It’s not easy hitting the reset button, be that in relationships, at work, or  at home. And yet, that’s exactly what I’ve done with Heart Driven Life (HDL).

When I started HDL two years ago I had a vision of running a life coaching business. I set up shop and started attracting clients. I was in a coaching academy to train me to coach and build a business. I did all of this while in the middle of nursing school.

You could say I was a bit confused about what I really wanted out of life. I thought I wanted to be a life coach, but I had already started on the path to nursing. Each time I tried to quit nursing, my insides leapt outside of me and weird phenomenon occurred, like my car getting a flat tire, multiple times.

Eventually I stopped resisting my path, quit the whole life coaching schtick,  and fell madly in love with nursing. I found my calling – or it found me. Gregg Levoy wrote in his book, Callings, that often what we resist most in life is our greatest calling.

I graduated nursing school in December 2015 and started my career as a nurse in February 2016. I’m sinking in sweetly to the ebb and flow of my new life. The treasures I am finding along the way taste so good. For instance, working only three days a week!

Now I have more time than ever to twiddle my thumbs and ponder the mysteries of the Universe. I can do yoga, cook, clean, play with my pup, write, or hang with friends all day long. Either each one individually or all in the same day!

I’ve been enjoying this time as I deeply connect with myself and the things and people I love most. I’ve returned to writing with new insight and inspiration. Even though journaling has been a normal occurrence for me for who knows how long, I started blogging in 2012. When I set aside my life coaching business, I also set aside writing/blogging. I even no longer incorporated it into my morning routine. In fact, I quit my morning routine altogether (besides my cup of coffee).

As I’ve spent that last several months enjoying myself, I felt like something was missing, a creative spark of sorts. I felt compelled to create something, anything. I began searching for what that thing would be until I realized that writing was that thing.

No need for me to start something new. Instead, I’m returning to a craft I had set aside thoughtlessly. I’m re-opening my website as a blog and a point of connection for like-minds.

I want to connect with women, locally and around the world, who may or may not view the world through a similar lens as my own but who are open-hearted and open-minded. I’ve met the most incredible women through blogging in the past and, also, through starting and building my life coaching practice.

As I pondered opening my blog, I realized that this time around my motivation is completely different. My motive is connection through expression. I want to connect with you because you resonate with what I write about.

I’ll write about a myriad of topics on this new and improved blog o’mine. They’ll be neatly organized under three main headings: Health, Wealth, and Love. Each will encompass the following…

  • Health: nutrition, fitness/exercise, commentary on my nursing career, etc.
  • Wealth: personal growth and development topics on success, money/finances, book reviews, leadership, basic tips on how to optimize your life, etc.
  • Love: inspiration, intuition, spirituality, divination, emotions, meditation, wisdom, etc.

Other topics that could cross over each of these include creative expression through writing, travel, etc.

One lesson I learned in my prior dealings with blogging and starting a coaching business is to stay open to change. While I may not have pin-pointed an exact niche, I’ll blog on topics that are near and dear to my heart, topics I feel inspired to write about. Over time and through reader engagement, I expect I’ll harness a niche that suites me and you (the audience). For now I am satisfied with my broad niche.

The point being that I’m interested in living a life in alignment with my heart, and I’d love to connect with other women who are interested in living a heart driven life as well. I want to connect with women who are tuned in and turned on, following their unique divine spark, embracing life’s lessons with love, and honoring their humanness.

Let’s create something beautiful together.


Paula D Jones