Why I Want to Move to California

Imagine. Waking up to the bright blue and white light of the morning sun peaking in through your bedroom window on a Saturday morning. You stretch your arms above your head, rub the crusties from your eyes and gaze about the room in wonder of this beautiful light.

You’re inspired by the light to smile, sit up, and get ready for the day. A full day of adventure lay ahead of you. Not any ordinary adventure but the kind that leads you outdoors into nature, where mysteries are solved, imagination runs wild, and insights pour into your system.

These types of Saturdays can be made anywhere, but for me, I know these Saturdays are meant for me in the great state of California.

The Trip

I recently returned from a trip to Santa Barbara. This wasn’t my first time to California, but this trip was different. I was 15 on my first visit, too young and immature to truly enjoy the state and/or understand the impact it could have on my life.

I held no expectations towards how the trip would be. I simply wanted to spend time at the beach, eat at great restaurants, and sneak in a hike or two. I knew it would be a short trip, so my expectations where low.

I stayed a total of two and half days, not counting the half day trip to the state and the full day trip back home (lengthened by time zones). By my last day there I simply could not soak up enough California sun to last me!

It was a Friday morning when I woke up to the beautiful California sunshine streaming in through my balcony door. I jumped out of bed and tore open the curtains to lay my eyes on the angled view of the beach and palm trees that lay ahead. The morning sun coated itself on top of the trees, beach, and nearby motels, kissing their cheeks with a sweetness unknown by the afternoon light.

It was this light that inspired and energized me to get dressed and gather my belongings, because we (my boyfriend and I) had a full day ahead of outdoor adventure that we were piecing together as we pieced together our clothing.

The plan: breakfast at a local spot that served the most amazing acai bowels, then a short drive to Gaviota State Park for a hike to the Wind Caves, and, finally, a detour through wine country. Go, team, go!

We packed a picnic for our trip and were on our way.

The day felt so natural and right. My energy level was so perfect. I felt full of life, vibrant, and enthusiastic about every aspect of the journey.  It just felt – so good. California felt – so good.

The afternoon nap found its rightful home on our return to Santa Barbara and our new hotel. A quick rest before a night out on the town.

That doesn’t end our trip.

On our last full day in town we ate at our favorite breakie locale, bought a frisbee for playful times, and bunkered down on the most sweet spot on the beach. Sun made it’s intermittent and, at times, lasting appearance. The breeze cooled our baking skin. And a European family made camp nearby. At first, alarmingly close, but at second glance, endearing.

We read our books, soaked in the sun, enjoyed our packed food, threw our frisbee multiple times, and even caught sight of whales and dolphins not too far off shore. The smell of the ocean soothed my soul. I melted into the towel on top of the sand with an utter surrender unknown to me during any other points of travel. The ocean does me over like no other geological feature.

But, it wasn’t long, or so it felt, until it was time to pack up. The sun was our alarm clock. It tucked away behind a cloud and left a lingering breeze, cooler than the one before. We dressed ourselves, packed our belongings, and trucked to the car. It was time to prepare for our final evening in the great city of Santa B.

Nothing too much planned that night due to my early flight the next morning. But – we made the most of it with Indian food and a stop by the Funk Zone. Yes – it’s called the Funk Zone. A place in Santa Barbara they’re trying to revive by promoting local artists and small craft breweries and wineries. We went to a spot based on recommendation, like many of the locations we visited this trip, and were, as usual, completely impressed.

As we drove into the Funk Zone, I heard music and thought that for sure this was the spot for us, only to find out it was the spot recommended to us! We show our IDs and walk inside to a banging party at like 7:30 at night. At which point, I reminisce on all the conversations my partner and I have had about wanting a cool spot to hang and dance earlier in the evenings on the weekend.

We grabbed a brewsky and listened to the groovy, reggae-soul band that was getting the crowd dancing. The night so cool and chill with a vibe of ease and happiness. A vibe reflective of the my experience in California and it’s peeps. A vibe I can get down with a regular basis.

The Reflection

It’s this vibe that draws me in. I can get nature anywhere, and California isn’t the only state with a beach. Texas even has a beach, for christ’s sake! But it’s the people and the all around vibe of the location that gets me.

There’s a chillness in the air. A laid back feeling that life’s okay. That’s it’s okay to be healthy, to look good, to have fun, to enjoy yourself, and still move forward in life. Life doesn’t have to be drab or dull just because we have responsibilities but it’s meant to be fun and vibrant.

Perhaps my vision is skewed because I was on vacation. I’ll accept this as a totally rational thought process, but my main squeeze talks about this vibe being present every time he’s there; and he visits frequently for work, not vacation.

This gives me the notion that quite simply this place is filled with people that I want to be around. I want to enjoy a location that not only offer nature in its highest form but also people who care about their health. Health is a constant factor for this people. You don’t see as many overweight or unhealthy individuals in this state. People are thin, fit, active, and healthy.

I want to surround myself with people like that.

At the same time, California is a state of luxury. Luxury isn’t something I thought I overtly liked but I do love experiencing life in a fancy fashion. It helps that my partner does, too. California does an excellent job of combining an outdoor, healthy lifestyle with luxuriousness. And this is the type of lifestyle I’d like to live.

Now, let’s get somethings straight. I’m not made of money, which is a huge obsticle to my moving to California, but that doesn’t mean I’m not blessed with the opportunities that arrive for me to experience life in a luxurious way. I am completely open to receiving these opportunities in however they choose to present themselves.

And, one day, I’d love to be living in California, even if at the sacrifice of luxury, for a while.  I believe that California would be good for my Soul. It would also be good for my relationship(s).

It’s a great fit for me and my man. I love the beach. He loves the mountains. We both love the outdoor and healthy lifestyle. I can’t see any other reason why we don’t work for California.

I have zero expectation of moving anytime soon. I simply love fantasizing about all the possibilities and what could be. I believe the Universe thrives on my fantasizing and uses it to show me what’s possible for my life as well as begin building the road to its sure manifestation.

I believe in a thriving and responsive Universe that hears all calls and answers these calls, should they be in the Highest and Best Interest of for the Good of All. And those are the only conditions under which I would want to move to California, or make any change in my life for that matter.

With that said, Universe – I want to move to California (to the beach, specifically!).

Any Californians out there withy any advice? Drop me a line…

With love,

Paula D Jones