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  • My No TV Experiment as Inspired by The Great Jane Goodall

    three boys in front of a screen

    Spring is my favorite time of year. In Texas, starting in April, the temperatures begin to reach that perfect level where you’re not too hot and you’re not too cold. The live oak trees drop all of last year’s leaves and at the same time they shed a green pollen that coats all the cars, sidewalks, and patios. New leaves burst forth, and the tree explodes in green. 

    There’s a beautiful creek that winds itself ...

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  • Wise and Soulful Use of Quarantine

    flowers on a branch

    It's been almost a month now since I started to self-isolate. I go to work and, if I absolutely must, I'll go to the grocery store. I’m feeling the ache and pain of being alone. The time I would normally spend with others is spent completely isolated from the rest of the world. It’s challenging me to really dig deep within myself to uncover a sweet relationship with who I am at my core.

    On ...

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  • After Dinner Writing

    computer and candles

    I remember a time when I'd finish eating dinner with my family and rush upstairs to my room so I could write something new for my blog. I wrote one blog post a week for almost a year. I was so excited about it.

    Excited but scared. I was afraid of people reading what I wrote. I felt concerned about being seen. I had never been one to divulge vulnerable truths or insights or wisdom ...

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  • Intense Times: A Call to Return to Soul

    woman looking left

    Last week was intense. I haven't felt pulled off track like that in a long time. My partner of eight years moved out on Sunday. And the pandemic intensified tenfold.

    An Unfortunate Rendezvous with Old Habits

    My regular spiritual and self-care practices started to slip the week before. The difficulties of ending a longterm partnership had me reaching for some liquid relaxation again; something I had stopped doing for several ...

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  • Vision: What It Takes to Go All the Way


    It can be easy in a moment to follow a flash of inspiration. Riding on a high, one inspired action leads to another. Complete works come into existence from the void. Whole new worlds are created. But for what?

    One-off projects here and there get you things. Lots of things. Intellectual property in the bag. But soon the clutter mounts on tables and chairs, in corners and cracks. The hypothetical room is full of things ...

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  • How to Create the Life You Desire

    How to Create the Life You Desire

    If there’s a life you’re trying to create, then there’s an easy way you can create it. But for most, you do not realize you can create your life the way you like, and you do not know how to do it.

    When you first hear that you can craft and design your life to your liking you might think of all your problems. And then you set out to dissolve your problems as a way ...

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  • How to Declutter for a Simpler Life – Part Six: Final Thoughts

    I’ve spent the last four months turning my life upside down from the inside out.

    I’ve scavenged every nook and cranny. I’ve touched every item I own. And I’ve asked, “Does this spark joy?” more than 500 times.

    I’ve traveled back and forth from Goodwill to clothing resale shops to electronic stores to my mother’s house. I’ve used dozens of white and black trash bags to discard items. The dumpster has become my friend. What remains ...

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  • How to Declutter for a Simpler Life – Part Five: Sentimental Items


    Alright, here it is. I have made it to the final category of the Marie Kondo method to declutter. It is as big, bold, and intimidating as you might think.

    It took me more than a month to get to this section of decluttering. As you’ll recall from previous posts, I moved fairly quickly through clothes, books, paper, and komono. I enjoyed the process but also needed to create space for myself along ...

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  • How to Declutter for a Simpler Life – Part Four: Komono Cont

    declutter for simpler life part four

    Honoring Your Need for Space

    It has been several months now since I started this journey. My attention has waned in the last few weeks as I’ve given myself space from the decluttering process. But I’ve returned. The emotional turbulence of the project requires time to assimilate and attune to what’s taken place.

    I’m a big proponent of honoring our individual needs for space and time to heal and renew one’s self. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Yet I ...

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  • How to Declutter for a Simpler Life – Part Three: Paper and Komono


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    Decluttering papers was an easy category for me. Much easier than decluttering clothes. And far easier than decluttering books.

    It made for an easy transition, since decluttering my books excavated serious questions for self-reflection. In fact, it was so easy I almost forgot it was a category. But I rely on Marie Kondo's book to keep me on track in decluttering ...