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Last Saturday I sent out a special email honoring and acknowledging the new moon. I felt excited and inspired to share my short musings about the moon. (If you missed it, then check it out here.) This email felt important to me for a few reasons. 

First of all, I’ve only been sending emails out once a month, on the first Friday of each month, sharing my posts from the last several weeks. But now with spring arriving just around the corner, or for many people in certain warm places, it’s been creeping in strongly this last week, there are tendrils of inspiration and fresh new ideas creeping in for me as well. These ideas, visions, and inspirations have centered around how I feel called to show up in my writing (i.e. expressing more of my insight, knowledge, and wisdom from a place of power), the content of my writing, and in new ways of working with my newsletter.

I’m currently toying with the idea of changing my email schedule by either adding in new moon/full moon/season transition emails in addition to the first Friday email or by making these transition emails the sole emails I send you with links to my new posts within these emails. This idea is still percolating. I’ll play with it over the coming months to see how best “she” wants to be expressed. 

In addition to the email changes, the newsletter that went out on Saturday touched on a topic very near and dear to my heart. It’s a topic I’ve been tracking for several years now in varying layers and levels. I’ve written on this topic several times. But this newsletter was the first time I shared something with the express intention of calling direct awareness to this topic. 

Cycles are immensely important. Yes, I love the new moon rituals people share in the world. Many people use the moon as a manifesting tool. Which is great. I toy with that in some ways, too. But, more importantly, in my opinion, the moon is a touchpoint for the explicit recognition of cyclical living. There’s a relationship here. A connection to a rhythm and way of being beyond manifestation, ritual, and gatherings. It’s this deeper layer that I feel so excited to speak to, work with, and share with you all over the months ahead.

It’s this relationship that has me inspired to play with changing how I send out my newsletters. I want to call more attention to the cycles and rhythms of life. I deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply believe that when we are in tune with our natural cycles – the annual earth seasons, the monthly lunar seasons, the monthly inner seasons (menstrual cycle), the day/night cycle, and even our human soul’s seasons – our capacity for life exponentially expands. We come into life more fully.

As we attune to these rhythms, we give ourselves permission to contract and expand in depth. When we are in our fullness we are boisterous, extroverted, joyful, inspired, and energetic. We expand into the farthest reaches of this expression. On the flip side of expansion is contraction. We come back home to ourselves through release. We sink into introversion, reflection, stillness, quiet, and rest. 

These are the ends – or peak and trough – of the expression of cyclical living. The slide between these two melds these worlds into a beautiful blended expression. This is living. Allowing ourselves to ride the waves, cycles, and rhythm of who we are at any given moment in relation to our physical bodies, the earth body, the lunar body, and the sun body.

It’s no surprise to me that these new ideas and directions are bursting forth at the precipice of spring. This is quintessentially spring behavior. Winter is a time of dreaming and visioning. Spring is the time for those germinating ideas to birth from the earth in all their glorious splendor. Spring is my favorite time of year. And riding on the wave of this fresh spring energy, I’m giving you all not only new energy but also new ideas expressed in new ways.

Saturday’s email was only the beginning. It’s my hope and desire that you’ll continue to follow along with me here as things morph, evolve, and grow with the changing of the seasons over the years ahead. If you haven’t already, go ahead and join my email list (sign-up form below) to be the recipient of these cyclical emails. 

Until next time, may you be blessed with a deeper connection to yourself and all of life with each new awareness of the turning of the wheel.