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My finger lingers tapped at the center of my chest. My eyes are closed and a small grin swims across my face. I can feel the pulse of my being with each beat of my heart. I come here to this centralized point to gather myself. 

I sense the rhythm of my breath, the smell of my skin, the movement of meridians up and down my torso, arms, legs, and spine.  I plug into each one with a warm, awake greeting of love and aliveness. 

My attention rests on each of these sensations with ease. Any flitter of loose awareness draws back in with a creeping magnetism. I come here to seek a knowing. To find a path, a movement forward, backward, inward, or outward. Direction. “Where to today?” I ask. 

I received a message about the body. These exact sensations. Sacred sensations. This is life. 

My love of the body is growing. And not just my body but her body, too. Mother earth. We are kindred bodies made of the same dust. Star beings, grown of microbes and sun particles. Just as you are. Your body is born in the same way as we all are. The creatures, too. Each and everyone writhing, crawling, running, and jumping across this one large earth body. 

We are held close to her bosom for safety and warmth but we all float free amongst the stars. We are suspended in space in orbit with other bodies circling one central body in an entire universe of bodies. Each in relationship to the other even though these relationships are incomprehensible to our small, human minds. This contemplation alone will squash any notions of grandiosity.

We are expressions of spirit in form. No less sacred. No less special. No less important than the internal realms. The realms that are unseen by the naked eye. Spirit realms. Many traditions would have you believe otherwise. A common theme among religions and masculine-dominated spiritual traditions casts bodies aside as lacking in spiritual significance, citing ascension and awakening from the dream of the body as the goal. The goal. Goal. Masculine. 

Nothing wrong with goal-directed, masculine, body-less living. Anything out of balance for too long is likely to be destructive. Feminine, body-based spiritual practice isn’t greater than any of these masculine traditions.

In prior times, the belief was that I must fight and win. A clear winner is best. Must be on top. The loser loses. I am the best. 

But we’ve left that paradigm now. That paradigm doesn’t work. It especially doesn’t work when feminine, body-based spiritual practices internalize that belief system and attempt to flourish within that structure. Despite the failings of the patriarchy, the feminine way isn’t the best way either. It’s not about replacing one with the other. Which, again, is still working within the same paradigm of winner’s/losers while simply swapping the orientation. The feminine way alone at the expense of the masculine isn’t going to solve our problems. 

When we work in this hierarchical structure there’s always a loser. We don’t work like that anymore. We now live in a world where when one is losing – we are all losing. No one is greater than. We are always equal to.

What does this mean? It means that even though America has decreased covid cases and is returning to a somewhat normal way of life we are still losing because our neighbors in South America and in India are still unwell. As long as they are unwell, we are unwell. As long as our political and power structures are suffering the political and power structures everywhere will suffer. 

It means that we are no longer silos standing next to each other but open fields bleeding into each; interdependent on each other’s well-being. The suffering of my neighbor impacts my reality and vice versa. In this paradigm, we are each responsible for not only ourselves but for our neighbors. Can you imagine what a world it is when we are fully expressed in this understanding? 

I am a human being. My body is alive with my soul and spirit. The soul is a far more unique and individualized experience. Spirit being the general essence backing all of life. I am both or all of these. Not one or the other. My body is alive because of my spirit. My spirit is experienced because of my body.

It’s not difficult to imagine what life would be like if you put these on a hierarchical spectrum and lived it. Because that’s what we’ve been living for the last many millennia. But, imagine for a moment, what is life like when one is not greater than the other but equal to?

Your material world with science and shopping and cars and technology and nature and camping and hiking and weddings and parties and your physical form. Your spiritual nature with synchronicities, insights, inspiration, wisdom, clarity, intuitions, contemplations, and visions. Instead of leaning far, far right or far, far left, or going way too high or way too low, we get a dispersion of experience. The material blends with the spiritual. The spiritual blends with the material. The mundane and divine intersect in an intricate dance akin to lovers in rhythm on the dance floor.

There’s a fluidity here that allows for all experience. No more exclusive boundaries separating life from itself. Instead, there’s freedom, movement, flow, expression. There’s coming together and falling apart into whatever form and shapes desire to be in any given moment with awareness of all.

We see this playing out in many ways on the planet. The freedom in types of relationships through the expression of polyamory. Sexual orientations and genders. Healing of racial trauma. Acknowledgment of our impact on the environment. Rising awareness of economic inequities. 

The walls are coming down. Our eyes and hearts are opening to each other in all our forms. We’re seeing that when my brother who lives three countries over hurts from oppression I hurt, too. We’re called to heal unhealthy ways of relating and being together so each person can be fully expressed in their wholeness. Which means breaking free from the rigidity of either/or thinking; hierarchical systems. Instead, both/and. 

It means finding a way to be safe in our differences. This is scary as fuck because we come from eons of persecution for being the “other.” We’re currently shifting our collective identity to something much larger than race, country, religion, sexual orientation, relationship status, or gender.

The difficulty lies in how we are unhealthily attached to our perceptions of reality. We cling too tightly. We fear releasing old identities, traversing the void, and claiming the freedoms on the other side. Severe attachments to destructive either/or thinking manifests as digging in. For example, clinging even tighter to “Jesus is the only way,” “man and woman only,” “monogamy for all,” “men have all the power,” etc. 

What you see seems like an increase in the power of these old notions. Of course, no one has to completely give up anything for the expression within their own lives. It’s just that if you loosened your grip a little bit, these things could be given a healthy face lift, which would benefit not only the one identified but all of society, too. If you release your grip only for a moment to allow spirit to clear out the cobwebs, open the curtains, and let in the fresh air, you’d feel more rejuvenated, truly. Easier said than done, of course.

Transformation is afoot. It’s always afoot. Even when it looks like nothing is happening, don’t be fooled. Change is the nature of life. Simply look to the stars, sun, moon, and nature herself for this lesson. In the cycle of life, there is birth, growth, peak expression, setting of the sun, and releasing back into the darkness and the void to do it all over again. We are told this each day as the sun rises and the sunsets. We see it in how we welcome babies onto the earth plane and say goodbye to dear ones who’ve been here a while. Life is in motion constantly. Always transforming. Now is no different. 

Hold loosely to your notions of reality. Stand firm when it matters but be willing to let it all be taken away in one swift beat of butterfly wings. Embrace the dispersion of energy into all ways of being. Our interconnectedness is here now. 

You matter as you are in your wholeness. And I support you in your expression. In doing so, I encourage my own wholeness and expression. In this way, we care for each other and steward in a world suited for tender, loving beings who truly want the best for one another. Rooted in our expression as humans on this earth body. Playing, feeling, being together in all our messy, joyful, hurt, sad, angry, silly, confused, happy ways. 

I return to my point of connection with this world. My body. It’s the place where I learn about who I am. It’s how I interact and relate. It’s how I experience life. Without it, Life would be hard to experience. For it, I am grateful. 

May you be blessed in your fullest expression, dear one. Tally ho!


Photo by Kamila Maciejewska on Unsplash