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A few days after the equinox (September 22, 2020), I grabbed my journal and my oracle deck and sat on my patio in sunny, delicious weather. I settled in for a heart-storming session. 

I felt called to do this because of an intention I set in the fall of 2018. At that time, I was awakening to my cyclical nature as a woman and, simultaneously, my seasonal awareness awakened as well.

Autumn loomed every year as my most challenging – and unwanted – season. And being the conscious, awake woman that I am, with a #goalofgrowth, I knew I couldn’t just sweep this awareness under the rug. I set the intention to nurture my relationship with fall. And each year I move even deeper into myself and with my relationship to this season. 

This year I really felt called to take it up a notch. Simple awareness and a one-off ceremony weren’t going to cut it. I was ready for a deeper overhaul. I knew I needed a dedicated session of deep contemplation and intuitively guided sensing into what’s to come in the months ahead and how I could honor this season. As I sat down at my patio table, out poured this beautiful practice that I’m sharing with you today. 

Prep for the Practice

It’s important to note that prior to my Friday heart-session I did take time to complete an equinox ceremony. Ceremony is an opportunity for you to create sacred space for yourself. It’s an intentional time for connecting with the divinity within yourself and all of creation. It’s a container for magick. 

During my ceremony, I drew three oracle cards. One for each month of autumn. For all intents and purposes, I essentially drew one card for October, one for November, and one for December, even though autumn begins and ends in the middle of the month. 

It’s these three cards that I took with me to my heart-storming session the Friday following equinox. I didn’t know that I’d be doing this session a few days afterward. But soul always knows. When I got the nudge to do the session I instinctually knew that these cards would come into play. I brought them with me and awaited guidance on how to weave them in.

Autumnal Awareness Practice

Friday morning I woke up knowing that it would be the day I would sit with soul and sense into the months to come. I didn’t know what it would look like but I knew I needed to do it. I needed to do it because I didn’t know how I would nourish myself through this season. How could I know how best to nourish myself in the months to come if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into? 

I grabbed all the trusty items… my journal, a pen, my computer (you never know when a pen and paper will be too slow), my monthly calendar, and my oracle deck. I settled into my somewhat uncomfortable patio chair in the shade of the wall with the draft of the midday breeze.

I opened my calendar to October. I gazed over the weeks. I looked at my work schedule. I looked at any plans I already had penciled in. Then I sensed with my energy body and my intuition. I gave October a good feel. I sensed and sensed and sensed. I captured a few words that I felt embodied the energy that I sensed. And then I did this with November and December.

Afterward, I wrote these words at the top of each month. I stared at what I’d created. But it felt like I wasn’t quite complete. I asked my intuition, “Is there anything else?” I waited. Then I felt drawn to explore my oracle cards. 

I grabbed the three cards I had pulled on the equinox. I read through their meaning in the book. And I collected the pieces and snippets I most resonated with. Then I wrote those pieces at the top of each month in my calendar as well. 

Interestingly enough, my intuitive sense that I captured for each month correlated with the oracle cards. I was able to draw distinct parallels between my own sense and the cards. I captured these parallels in words and wrote these at the top of each month in my calendar.

I did one last scan of each month. I sensed into the words and into the oracle cards. And I asked again, “Is there anything else?” 

I do this because I want to feel a sense of completion. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I want all pieces of information that are ready and willing to come forward to have the time and space to do so. 

When I sensed completion I closed my calendar. 

Conscious Self-Care

As a nurse, one of the most important skills we are taught is “assessment.” In essence, it’s an investigation of the person and situation. It includes asking questions: how, what, who, when, where, and why? It includes using my senses and tools to see, feel, and hear. It’s an information-gathering process so I can then make a plan of care. And that’s exactly what this process is. 

It’s an assessment process so I can make a plan of care for myself for the months to come. Now that I know what the flavors of energy will be in the months ahead, according to my assessment, I’m able to plan how I’ll approach the months and how I’ll nourish myself in the process. This is conscious self-care.  

For example, October came across as quite active with a lot of passion and energy and fire. I know from this assessment that it’ll be a month full of activity. I’ll probably feel quite passionate. And I won’t need to shy away from going all-in on activities. I can allow myself to be high-energy. 

This was not true for November and December. I sensed a more peaceful and calm energy for November. And for December there was a slower yet playful energy at hand. In these months, I’ll be considerate of these energy levels and address my work and life schedule accordingly. I’ll take more time for rest and contemplation through November and December, which is ultimately in accordance with the internal nature of the season anyway. 

We Are All Called to Greater Self-Care

When I closed my calendar and put away my oracle cards I felt a deep sense of peace, joy, and excitement. I felt fulfilled. My heart overflowed with love. This was the most deeply nourishing thing I could have done for myself during what has historically been the hardest time of year for me.

I am now empowered with the wisdom and guidance I need to nurture my heart, soul, and body as I navigate not only a challenging season but also these turbulent times we all live in right now. It’s this higher level of self-care and self-responsibility that we are all called to at this time. And that’s why I’m sharing this practice with you today.

Now more than ever we need to be taking care of ourselves to the best of our ability. That means doing what feels right for us at any given moment. It can be as little or as grand as feels right for you. Most importantly – it needs to feel right for you.

Take what resonates from this practice. Leave the rest. 

May you be ever encouraged towards greater self-love, sovereignty, and joy.

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash