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Let’s do a little body check-in. How are you today? Where are you today? What’s present for you? Are these questions too vague? Let’s answer them in a different way then. If you want to play along, then take a moment to quiet yourself wherever you are. Locate yourself within time and space.

Are you sitting or standing? Waiting in line or on your couch? Wherever you are, take a moment to pause. Now scan your physical body. What do you feel? Tension, relaxation, pain, hunger, sleepiness? What messages do your bones, muscles, and organs have for you?

Inside your physical body, you can also feel your emotional body even though it’s not your physical body. It rests gently on top of and interwoven with your physical body and can manifest symptoms in your physical body. So, scan your body again this time for feelings like excitement, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, happiness, or joy. Do your cheeks feel happy? Does anxiety sprawl across your chest? Does anger boil in your fists and stomach? 

Moving on. Let’s check in with your mental body. Scan the area within and around your body from your head to your feet with less focus on the physical body. You may notice most of your mentality occurring near or around your head but your mental body is present all over. The one big difference between it and your other bodies is that it’s out a bit from your physical body. Thoughtforms linger here in this space. 

How are your thoughts? Erratic, peaceful, helpful, kind, or terrifying? Thoughts are things. Imperceptible to modern technologies (aside from the direct physiological effect) but definitely alive and real. They make their home in this space around your body. No wonder you can sometimes know what people are thinking. When you enter their field you can pick up on their thoughts. 

It’s good to remember here that we are not our thoughts. So, when you do pick up on other people’s thoughts lay judgment aside. You are not your thoughts and neither are they. Although, once we are aware of this, we are each responsible for our thoughts. And it serves everyone, primarily yourself, to ensure the quality of your thoughts through loving intention and affirmation. Choose to align only with those thoughts that serve the highest good.

The last check-in is with your spiritual center. Alignment with your soul or essence can be sensed through your heart, although some people may sense their soul in other places (above their body or deeply enmeshed throughout the body or other places still). If you’re more of the latter, then trust yourself. Otherwise, if you’re not sure, the heart center is a great place to start for checking in with your heart and soul.

The heart is one spiritual center. It’s a place where you can come to assess how connected and aligned you are with your soul’s path. It’s like an anchor and speaker for your soul’s voice. It’s also a portal or entryway for your soul to manifest into physical reality. How’s your heart? It’s a big indicator of how you’re feeling in relationship with your life on the whole. It’s also the thing that drums loudly when things go awry or when you’ve come into contact with the next right step. Its vibration is a beacon from your soul guiding you along your path.

No need to know anything about whatever information you received throughout this check-in. The check-in wasn’t about finding something and doing something about it. It was simply a process to teach you how to know how you’re feeling. 

When someone asks, “How are you today?” there are numerous ways to respond. What’s present for you may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Keeping up-to-date on how you’re feeling in each of these layers is the starting point for deep self-care and powerful living. 

Knowledge is power. Do this practice regularly to know how you’re feeling. When you know how you’re feeling you can then tend to your needs to the best of your power. And when you don’t know how to tend to the needs of your body you can ask for help. It’s a journey. A lifetime journey. And it’s the starting place for healthy living.


Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash