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She dances along the river’s edge, smiling freely and scattering plumes of fairy dust as she spins. Her grin imbues the air with fortitude. And each step sends ripples of love through the earth’s crust. Her movement blesses all of life. Her body sings in rhythm and groove. Her arms swing from low to high, high to low, ensuring the good vibrations are well spread.  

The grass beneath her toes crinkles into happy smiles. A warm yellow glow seeps from their blades; low-lying emanations of joy. Crumbs of dirt jump forth, bouncing each time she lands. The worms come crawling, beckoned by the beat of her feet; curious to know. 

Her belly rumbles with deep rolls of laughter. She exhales massive sighs of psychic relief. She lets out a howling roar laced in ecstatic pleasure. A lightning bolt of energy shoots towards the sky. 

Nighttime closes in as the sunsets. Stars begin to illuminate the sky. The last rays of pink and orange kiss the horizon goodnight. A cool hue meanders along the surface of the shore, creeping inwards across the top of the land. The water’s edge is a doorway between worlds, and the cool creeping fog – a bridge. 

Her dancing draws near an end. Her movements begin to slow. Her body breathes deep and long with exhales of glorious love and ease and peace. A firey pleasure burns in her belly as a smile grips her face. Emanating from her core she feels a euphoric tide roll outward into the reaches of her energetic expanse. 

Her arms draw low and slow as they swing gently by her sides. Her feet pull one slow step forward at a time, dragging her toes seductively across the tops of the joy-ridden blades of grass. She gives her goodbye’s and says her goodnight’s with each passing stride. She’s humming from the inside out with reverence for all of life. 

Photo by Drew Colins on Unsplash