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Time to take a break. Not every week needs to be filled with words. This week I don’t have many words to share.

I’ve been writing once a week since July. It’s now January, and I’ve stuck to my commitment with great honor and integrity. Writing and posting once a week has been a strength-building exercise. An exercise of my discipline.

I remind myself today that even if I do post, it need not be much. Every week doesn’t need to be a deep dive into my vulnerable parts. Every week doesn’t need to be a sensual exploration of my world. Every week doesn’t need to be insightful. Every week doesn’t need to be – something.

I write because I am called to write. I have a long history with writing. What I’ve learned is that it feels far better to write than to not write at all, even if that writing isn’t very good. Here I am.

It’s funny because I did actually sit down today and write something. Perhaps I’ll share it next week. This week I need a break. This is all I care to share for now. I’m here. I’m writing and sharing. Even if very little. A commitment kept to my writing for one more week.