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Last Thursday I packed up my car with two backpacks full of camping gear, clothes and personal items, and altar items, as well as a brown bag full of food, multiple blankets and pillows, and plenty of water. I was taking a journey. I set out at around 6:00 a.m. to New Mexico. 

It was a journey that touched on multiple levels. At once I was taking a stand for my strength and empowerment as a woman as I traveled alone by car a great distance to an event where I didn’t really know anyone. Upon arriving I entered a portal to leave one life behind and eventually step out of the portal to enter another. A big intention of mine was to seek out community for community’s sake, which I found in great abundance. Plus, I got the tremendous opportunity to bond even deeper with nature and the great cosmos. These are only a few of the touchpoints. It was a short yet massively transformative journey. And now here I am on the other side. Tired.

I slept in this morning, took it easy getting started, and allowed myself a leisurely walk rather than intense exercise. I remain exhausted. It’s hardly 11:30 a.m. and I’m ready for a nap. It’s clear that what occurred for me over the weekend is still transforming and transmuting my energy field. Tiredness, to me, is a sign of deep work occurring at unseen levels, and it’s a call to honor my body, all of my bodies. 

While I know this is a message for myself, I also know this is a message for many of you out there who are in need of hearing this as well, who are in need of receiving permission. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to allow our bodies to heal. 

The depth and breadth of transformative energy work taking place on the planet right now is tremendous. We are all being pulled through the wringer, so to speak. It looks different for each of us. Our life circumstances are different. 

Personally, my entire identity has been stripped away of any stagnate and old notions of who I thought myself to be. I have found myself in the throes of grief and up against colossal truths. And I’ve been asked by my soul to dive deeper and deeper and deeper still. My commitment to conscious awareness and presence in the midst of such monumental work brings me to one deep, abiding knowing: gentle, soothing, self-care is paramount at this time. 

More than anything, I need to be nurtured, nourished, and cared for. I need to be loved and spoken to tenderly. I need to be honored and praised and appreciated. 

At the event this last weekend, I brought a few of my “question marks” to work on, thinking there was work to be done and answers to be had. What I came to realize was that I need not do anything at all with regard to these “things.” There was no “work” to do. 

These things were ongoing, occurring transformations in my life which were deep in process and going according to plan, without my conscious manipulation or “work.” Similar to how my heart beats, my lungs breathe, and my hair grows. Yes, changes were afoot. All I need to do is take care of myself in the process as I allow what is occurring to unfold naturally.

It was a huge awakening to the reality that transformation and change and growth are all naturally occurring events. It’s how life expands and evolves. Life does it on its own with or without me being aware of it. I am growing, evolving, and expanding. I don’t have to do anything to ensure this process. It just happens. My awareness alone is enough. And if there are any specific actions that need to be taken, then I can trust I will know what they are at the exact moment in time I need to know them. No sooner. No later. 

While in general my assistance isn’t needed with regard to the ongoing “work,” I am called to care for myself amidst these events. Change has an impact on my physical, mental, emotional, and other energetic bodies. When I relinquish control of the “work” I see myself as a tender being amidst great change. As I allow the universe to do its part I see my part even more clearly. 

I see myself requiring great care, tender love, and calm, soothing energy. I see my energy field in need of strength, support, and encouragement. I see my heart as needing a gentle touch and soothing voice. This is my part. 

My part is to love myself deeply, to nourish my body as best I can on all levels, and to take it easy. Self-care can look like anything and is different for everyone. 

Right now self-care to me looks like honoring my body’s need for rest, reaching out to and spending time with people I love, and continuing to let go of anything that no longer serves my highest good. It’s miraculous how healing letting go can be. 

I’m saying no to stress, to requests on my time and energy that are out of alignment with my soul, or to self-made obligations and responsibilities that just don’t feel good. It’s a shedding of what’s not me, that which dims my energy and takes away my light, and a saying yes to that which nourishes, strengthens, and heals me. This is self-care. And I’m all in.  

How are you honoring your process today? In what ways can you be more gentle, soothing, and supportive of your soul body’s journey as a human? 

May you be blessed with the courage to give yourself what you need most.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash