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I’m sitting on my balcony tuning into my body and listening to what desires to be expressed in this moment. I have my right hand on my chest bone, over my heart, and my left hand on my belly just below my belly button. I can feel the warmth circulating between the two points.

This has been a go-to practice for me off and on throughout my personal journey. It’s my way of sinking into my body, becoming present, and loving what arises or tuning into what needs to be heard.

It’s easy and simple to sit with your right hand over your heart, yet I feel that somethings missing when I do just that. So, I gently apply my left hand to my lower abdomen. The immediate sensation of my warm hand on my belly draws my energy full circle throughout the entirety of my body, and I instantly feel grounded.

The body is a source of wisdom and insight that I’ve been continually tapping into over the past several years. I can remember the very first time I ever felt a deep sense of release wash over my entire body and a calm connection to my being.

At the time, I was living in Austin, Texas. I had recently picked up yoga for the first time ever. I had found a TV channel that played various yoga series each day. I started to wake up early to do yoga. I’d find the channel guide and write down all the times and days I could catch the show.

I think I was well into my second month of doing yoga when I first had this body-opening experience. It was the end of the series, and I laid on the ground in shavasana, which is basically like laying flat on the ground. I can remember just allowing myself to feel supported by the floor beneath me. I released.

I felt an almost orgasmic sense of release as I relaxed into the floor. I felt tension pull from my body, leaving me in a pile of skin and bones, melted into the fibers of carpet beneath me. That was the first time I felt such a release. That experience kept me coming back for me.

It’s this time feeling of letting go that draws me into body time and time again. The irony is that I don’t realize how much I’m missing this connection to my body until I experience that release. It’s as though the tension blinded me from my own inner knowing.

Today it’s a conscious practice to drop into my body and tune into what’s being felt, what needs to be heard, and what yearns to be expressed. I’m not perfect at it. Yet, as time passes and with more conscious practice, I seem to get better.

I find that in our modern society we are often encouraged to rush around like chickens with our heads cut off, doing things – any thing. All for the sake of being busy. If we aren’t busy, then we aren’t productive and/or responsible. Busyness seems to be some sort of warped signature of success.

It’s a warped paradigm that I’ve bought into time and time again.

Even today I frequently play with the line between busyness and ambition or busyness and creativity. I am an ambitious person who does love to work hard. I do find it difficult to just relax. When I relax I feel guilty that I’m not working myself to the bone to earn more money to pay down my debt.

I deal with these feelings daily as I navigate what is actually true for me. When have I reached overload? When am I chasing rather than allowing? How do I know I’ve gone too far?

That’s when I turn to my body. This is my practice. I tune into what she has to tell me. Is there tension in my head? Shoulders? Back? Jaw? How am I emotionally? Do I feel excited, joyful, open, receptive, and/or spacious?

I’m working the fine balance between being in the present moment, arms wide open, back on the ground, and heart to sky and nose to the grindstone. This is the interplay between masculine and feminine.

We are at a point in human history in which we are collectively resolving the entanglement of these two energies within ourselves. And I can clearly see this dance at play in my own life. And I clearly see how my body is a major part of being in tune with which energy is needed when.

That deep sense of release and peace can’t be forced into existence. It requires space to flourish. It requires ease, flow, openness… It is the Divine Feminine.

I’m great at doing the masculine. In fact, I bet most of us are, as that’s the type of society we have all grown up in. Stay busy. Work hard. Never sleep. Never nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Yet the tables have turned and the Divine Feminine is calling forth a spacious return to peacefulness, not filling the void, and following intuition.

The return to the feminine for me (and for you, too) starts with returning to the body. I do that by implementing the practice I mentioned above. It’s a simple practice that can be done anywhere and at any time. But there are many other ways in which I return to my body to open to the feminine.

Exercise (heavy or light) is an excellent way to get back in your body. But don’t do exercise the way you see those tiny, muscular blonde girls doing it on Instagram. And don’t do it the way you see that California yogi doing it on the top of a cliff. You’ve got to find what turns your body on, makes you feel good, and gives you that deep release.

Here’s an example for how NOT to do exercise… Don’t go the gym and lift heavy amounts of weights because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t go to HIIT class and push yourself past your limit in an attempt to keep up with the pros. Don’t dishonor your body to try to look and be like those around you.

Go to yoga and go at your own pace. Run around the block at an insane speed because it feels good. Dance in your living room naked for 30 minutes. Hike a local trail barefoot or with your brand new hiking boots. Sink into to your body and figure out what it wants to do or feels like doing and do that!

When you choose to do an exercise that feels right for you then you’ll honor your body, get the release you’re looking for, and align yourself with your inner wisdom and insight.

Another way to open to the feminine within yourself is to sit. Yes. Sit. I love this. I recently had a whole conversation with a girlfriend of mine about sitting. Sitting can be a powerful exercise in allowing life to be just as it is. It’s akin to meditation but you don’t have to keep your eyes closed, and I find it far more relaxing. It’s especially nice when you have a good view from a balcony or patio, but that’s not a pre-requisite. You can easily sit in your bedroom, living room, or even on the toilet. I’ve had many a great insight sitting on the toilet.

My last suggest for opening to the feminine is to stretch. You can take five minutes in the morning and evening to stretch your arms, legs, and spine. This is different than yoga, but yoga can be incorporated.

These are all conscious acts that open your body. Your body is the key to the Divine Feminine and the key to opening to greater wisdom, insight, and guidance from within. And right now, the Divine Feminine is calling all of us to open to her in deeper and deeper ways. Your life will open to an array of new opportunities as you allow the Divine Feminine to permeate your being and direct your day-to-day decisions. She’s an awesome conductor of life in a way that leaves you feeling nourished, nurtured, and loved. Allow yourself this experience.