May your fears be set aside for love.

May your tenderness shine through.

May your eagerness for life spill over.

May your anxieties direct your attention in and down to the silent core of your being.

May you know your own strength and courage.

May you be inspired to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

May you take the time to cherish yourself in new ways.

May your family be blessed by your presence whether in person or virtually.

May you light up someone else’s life.

May you know the truth of who you are.

May you bask in the blessings that change and disruption inevitably bring, even if you’re not aware of them yet.

May you know patience at a time when uncertainties are high.

May your presence be a day-to-day practice.

May you take the time to stop and notice spring blooming all around in covert and secret ways or in obvious in-your-face ways.

May the earth ground you and bless you and kiss you endlessly.

May you be in a harmonious relationship with the spirits of the lands.

May your benevolent and wise ancestors be our biggest supporters.

May you continue forward with hope held deep in your heart for a future vision even greater and grander than anything you’ve ever known.

May you know and engage with your breath intimately and frequently.

May you share the kindness of your heart with others.

May you and yours be blessed until the end of days.

May abundance follow you wherever you go.

May good things rain down – for all of humanity.

Thank you.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash