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I want to share with you a small post I made on facebook the other day. It was in response to a friends post. She posts regularly about her troubles with people in her life. She publicly discusses her latest hurdles. I read her posts, and I have noticed a trend. In response to her latest post, I felt inspired to write the following.

I noticed how often she gave her power away to other people. She may not be doing so in the moment, at least not obviously so, but when she turns to Facebook to air her frustrations she unknowingly gives her power away. It prompted the bubbling forth of the following response…

Every day we are at risk of giving our power away. Our power is our autonomy, our ability to dictate our response to experiences.

As life happens, inside and outside our control, we are prompted to respond. Our power lies within our response. Do you give your power away or do you remain powerful?

You might give your power away by dropping into fearful, anxious, worrisome, controlling energy. For example, an experience happens, at which point you have a choice – respond in fear or love. When you respond in fear, i.e., succumb to the lower level energy of the experience, you reduce, limit, diminish or give your power away in favor of the lower energy. When you respond in love by complimenting, praising, or not accepting as your own the lower energy of another, you maintain a higher level energy; you maintain your power.

To respond in like to a negative situation gives your power away. Your power is amplified when you respond with love and kindness. Today – practice loving kindness. Take back your power. ?

With love,

Paula D Jones