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Sex and sexuality throughout the last many centuries, if not for a couple of millennia, have become excessively entrenched in dark energy. Religions sequestered these innate, natural human expressions to one place only – the marriage bed. And it was for only a man and a woman. Two people. One bed. Anyone who dared to embark outside this extremely limiting framework for sexual expression was shunned, tortured, or punished in some form.

Punishment and scrutiny have driven any and all diverse sexual expressions underground, deep into the hidden recesses of our own psyche and culture. Naturally, such suppression leads to imbalances in our energetic systems as humans. And what once naturally flowed has now been stifled and inappropriately misdirected. 

Sexual energy is life force energy. Any attempt to stifle or indefinitely contain or control our inherent, natural, life force energy is bound to create imbalance, congestion, deformities, and perversions in expression. Which is exactly what has happened. And as humanity rises into greater consciousness, we must directly face all the ways in which we have suppressed and repressed our sexual natures as well as the perverse consequences of having done so.

This will look different for each of us. We each carry within us our own version of imbalanced sexual energy. Each of these unhealthy sexual dynamics has been collected, inherited, and integrated from society, culture, family, ancestral lineage, or even past lives. 

Our relationship to sex and sexuality needs to be excavated, explored, and cleaned up. It’s an inherently difficult task because you will no doubt encounter latent dark forces in some form or another. In other words, you will see and experience within yourself feelings, experiences, thoughts, and beliefs that are grossly misaligned to the higher truth. Therefore, it’s paramount to ensure you’re appropriately aligned to the higher truth to begin with, which can then be used as a torch to not only provide light, guidance, and direction but to also burn away all that does not belong.

What you discover on the path need be only an observation. The light of awareness makes it known but you don’t need to attach to it. You can not clear what you are not aware of. And when you become aware of what lies beneath the surface you don’t need to cling to it. Awareness alone initiates the resolution. Therefore, a sense of spaciousness is necessary as you journey down this path. 

A lighthearted openness, curiosity, and playfulness even. What you find may not be pleasant. And yet, just as you may find the gruesome and grotesque, you are bound to find the pleasant, juicy, erotic, and exciting.

Revelations of Innocence

I want to share now an awareness I have gathered as I’ve ventured down this path. Over the last months, the rate of rampant child sexual abuse has been plaguing my attention in subtle yet incessant ways. As a keen observer, I caught on to its persistent request for my attention, and I began to question and wonder what it was about this that kept sticking to me. What within me wanted to be made known? 

I’ve sat in the question without much further thought, allowing it to steep, and trusting answers would come in time, as they usually do. In the last weeks, I’ve taken a deep, deep dive into my own sexuality. I’ve begun to address past life vows, intentionally work with and practice sexual energy cultivation, and expand my ability to hold greater amounts of pleasure. In the process, the notion of innocence surfaced. 

I began to play with innocence; my own sexual innocence. When that popped up it felt so diametrically opposed to what my lived experience of sexuality has been over the years, particularly as a young person learning about it from the world around me. I have for so long been informed that sexuality was devoid of innocence. Innocence was left in childhood.

On top of that, energetically, from a young age, I picked up on horrible feelings of distaste and perversion and disgust towards sex and sexuality, except for when it was engaged in the “originally intended manner.” It was wrong to like or love sex or even pursue it. As a woman, I was nasty or gross for engaging in any extramarital sex. Buckets of shame and guilt. The list goes on.

I’ve had to dive in and uncover all of this within myself. Awareness alone has cleared a lot of this out. In that clean, spaciousness, this new idea emerged. What if sexuality could be innocent? And what if in my innocent exploration of sexuality I could experience deeper and deeper levels of play, pleasure, fun, gratitude, ecstasy, bliss, and joy? What if the child within me could revel in the blissful, ecstatic experience of my erotic, sexual self? 

This last one is a wildly taboo question. I realize that. That’s when I began to contemplate the relationship of this question with what I see and experience in the world as rampant child sexual abuse. And then it occurred to me… child sexual abuse is the consequence of individuals who are themselves disconnected from their own inner sexual innocence seeking to regain it through externalized forms. 

The phrase “there is a child within each of us” doesn’t mean there’s a physically immature being between the ages of 2 and 10 living within us, but rather it points to the most innocent part of who we are. Innocence is our natural state of being. It’s free of sin. It’s a place without blame, shame, or guilt. 

Loss of sexual innocence isn’t about losing your virginity or seeing porn for the first time. Loss of sexual innocence occurs either when you are forced into sexual activity against your own will, at any point in time and, especially, at a young age, or when you are shamed, guilted, or made wrong for having sexual urges in the first place.

Unfortunately, for many people, if not all people, we have been extensively shamed for a long time for any or all of our natural impulses, desires, and urges that were outside the framework of one man, one woman, and one bed (within the confines of marriage and for the purpose of having babies.) For millennia, we have been collectively making wrong what has now come to be made right.

Reclaiming our sexual innocence is currently an active and ongoing process. It’s emerged on my path as a way forward and higher truth. At the heart of sexuality, we can each be made new again. We can refresh our sexual selves and release our heavy, dark, and soggy history of repression and perversion to reclaim what is rightfully ours – our sexual innocence. 

Sex and sexuality are natural. Pleasure, play, ecstasy, bliss, joy, and eroticism are our birthright. Sexual energy IS life force energy. It’s what brings each of us alive every single day. 

How are you relating to your sexual self today? How can you help to clean up the muck you may be unintentionally carrying around to help contribute to a healthier, more vibrant vision and physical manifestation of sex and sexuality on this earth plane? 

May you be blessed with infinitely clean, clear, and innocent sexual selfhood. 

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash