It has been a wild few weeks. I went through a period of intense desire to write. I showed up to the page every day I was off work and even on days I got sent home early. But then my cycle started at the same time as a Scorpio full moon and ever since then I’ve been in some other world.

Showing up to the page has been difficult. I’ve been in some deep emotional state almost all the time or purely busy. On Wednesday, I actually started to feel great! But then my body started to give out. And now, I am physically unwell. It’s been one thing after another for the last two weeks. I know I’m not alone in being brought through the wringer at this time.

It’s taking great effort to even get these words on the page. I had envisioned editing a piece I’d roughly gotten down on a word doc the other day and publishing that today. But I am just not in the space to do that.

Instead, I show up to the page as I am with these simple words and update on my state of being. I remain committed to my agreement to publish something – anything – every other week. In my commitment, it could be as little as one sentence or as great as a novel. Today, this is what I have.

I am committed to my writing. Here I am.

At a later date, I’ll go into detail about the specific commitment. It’s a “change agreement” that I’ve made. It’s a process I use when I want to make a change that will stick. I’ll tell you how it goes and all about the process when I finish this current agreement at the end of the month. So look out for that in a few weeks.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash