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Now is the time when whole worlds converge, one right on top of the other. They smoosh and smash into one another. The outer layers look like they’re about to disintegrate so it all can become one. And yet it doesn’t. They just sit there as close together as they can possibly get. Imperceptibly separate.

The tension builds and builds and builds. It feels like it’s going on for eons. When will it end? When will there be peace and harmony? When will the tension of multiple worlds collapsing in on each other come to a halt? 

All timelines won’t continue forward. One timeline must be chosen. Which timeline will we choose? Who will win? 

Is it even about winning? Winning implies a loser. And yet competing forces mean only one can progress while the others must surrender. Beyond this is the meta understanding that we all do eventually win.

So I vote for the one that’s in our collective best and highest good. One in which we all come out better and stronger and wiser than ever before.

How do I make sense of all of this, ultimately? (How does one be polarizing and yet inclusive?) What is my role in the unfolding of divergent paths and the reconciliation of said paths, or, at least, the surfacing of the path with the highest truth? 

There has to be a way forward. A path onto which we can all stand. One that holds water. One that feels strong and sturdy like a steel beam stretching beyond and connecting multiple universes. A path that brings out the best in each of us and promotes life. One that allows for an immense amount of compassion and forgiveness and love.

How can we be wiser, smarter, and more insightful? How can we wake up to and step back from the erratic and wild narratives at play to conscientiously and slowly move forward in a way that is truthful and aligned?

What if we took the time to seek understanding first of the varying points of view? What if we decided to collect the kernel of truth inside everyone’s perspective and amalgamate these truths into our way forward? What if we learned to honor our brothers and sisters and our differences rather than disparage, incite, criticize, or negate each other’s truths?

I have no hard answers for us at this time. I have no hard answers for myself. All I have is the knowing that it’s not about one side winning (or is it?). It’s about seeing the truth inside both or all perspectives and paving a way forward that honors the truths and discards the rest. 

I know that in order to do this I must practice compassion. I must learn to listen more than I talk. I must ask questions and seek understanding. I must do my own research to inform my own understanding. And I must hold to the vision that there is a solution. 

There is a way forward where we all prosper. There is a way forward in which the highest of our truths can be honored. I choose to believe this. I choose to hold this vision in my heart as I keep my eyes, ears, and heart open, and as I sift through the noise to find the signal.

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash