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It’s been so grey and dreary for the last many days. Cold weather has crept in bringing sweaters out from the depths of the closet and new scented candles arise lit on my table. It’s colder than usual here in Texas. It’s not often I’m boasting layers before November. 

The low lit skies, somber tone, and wet cold encourage me towards a more quiet and contemplative experience. It hasn’t quite inspired me to have much to say on this day, despite the fact that there has been so much.

As my dear soul sister aptly put it yesterday on Facetime, not every insight needs to be shared. I completely agree. Not all my insights desire to be captured and written into digestible words for an audience. And that’s where I find myself today. 

After several weeks of murky, active living, I’ve emerged with some semblance of clarity and a few threads to pursue. But nothing in my experience cares to be recapitulated for these pages, and that’s okay. It’s for my own understanding. It’s for my intimate conversations.

Where does that leave me here with you? I’ve got a few nuggets for you to chew on in your own quiet contemplation…

Just for today… what are you grateful for? Not just any flippant gratitude. What are you truly, heartfelt, feel-it-in-your-body, grateful for?

Me? How could I not be grateful for the home I’m living in? It shelters me from the cold, wet weather outside. It provides an immense amount of comfort and support. It’s beautiful and nourishing. It’s cozy and inviting. It’s clean! 

I am so grateful to get to live in such a place when so many don’t. It’s a privilege I wholeheartedly acknowledge. I choose to not take this for granted. Therefore, I am grateful. A grateful I feel deep in my heart, permeating straight through the pores of my bones. 

Next, how’s your body today? How does your body feel? What does your body need from you today? Take a moment. Start with a deep breath. Place your hand on your heart if it helps to center your attention. As you breathe, use your attention to scan from your head to your toes. Feel your body. How are you? How is your body? 

My body loves to be listened to. In the last week, I’ve been sitting with my body intermittently. Just focusing my attention on it. Nothing else. Simply listening, noticing, paying attention. Holding it in my steady inner gaze. Ahhh! Deep sighs almost always follow. 

Finally, one last encouragement/recommendation… two options.

How’s your connection with nature? How’s your connection with community? Explore both. Explore one. I encourage you to go outside and be with the great mother and/or reach out to a loved one (family, friend, acquaintance). 

Nurture these relationships. Both nature and community are bonds of connection that nourish our souls and helps us to feel alive and well. Choose the one that suits you. Or, do both!

Alright, my love. Until next time.

May you feel an ever-increasing sense of grounding, connection, love, and happiness on your human journey. 

Photo by Saira on Unsplash