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Power. It’s a force intertwined with many different beliefs and perspectives. Is it good? Is it bad? What if it’s neither? While it’s easy to believe power is only negative, the reality is that power is inherently neutral. It’s what we choose to do with power once we’ve accumulated it that matters. Power can be used for selfish reasons or to harm or hurt others. Power could be ignored, denied, or resisted. Power can also be utilized to uplift, restore, and invigorate one’s life.

More often than not images of power as evil prevail in the dominant narrative. Men doing whatever it takes to get what they want through violence, anger, manipulation, lies, or bribes. Power-hungry politicians or businessmen. Yes, men seem to be at the apex of this evil power imagery, wielding physical and mental weapons to destroy weaker people. Pursuing power at all costs including the lives of loved ones. Power here is a destructive force.

Many loving, kind-hearted, compassionate people tend to eschew this image in favor of a docile, submissive, and pleasant disposition. They criticize power as antithetical to a position of love and goodwill. It’s assumed that to wield or pursue power is to be evil, to be against love and life. From this perspective, being as squishy as possible seems to be the goal. Inadvertently, powerless people, no matter how loving, remain at the whim of those who wield power whether negatively or positively. They are incapable of having any impact at all in theirs lives or the lives of others without power.

The first image is an expression of power in the negative. The second is a reaction to the negative expression of power. It’s often the effect of power on people who do not see how power can be wielded for good or who have not cultivated power for themselves. Now let’s envision what power looks like when wielded for good or utilized within the positive pole. 

A powerful person is confident and sure of herself. She’s expansive and open and loving yet protected with strong, healthy boundaries. She knows how to speak up for herself and share her truth when called or inspired to do so. She’s respectful of others and honors life’s natural processes. She exhibits deep trust in herself and in Life. She pursues her dreams and passions with enthusiasm. She’s self-responsible and tends to her needs accordingly and asks for help when she reaches her limits. 

Power enables her to share her gifts with the world uninhibited and unhindered by the impact and influence of negative forces on the outside. She leads by example, paving the way for others to stand in their power as well. Love emanates from her center, protected by her strength and inner fire. Power positions her to influence others towards a vision in alignment with the highest good of all. Power serves her and others. It’s inclusive, protective, and supportive. Power here is a constructive force.

As you can see, there are several ways you can approach power. How you approach your power is up to you. You hold the power to decide. Would you use power to harm yourself or others? Would you deny power altogether in resistance to it? Or would you consciously wield power for the good of all including yourself? 

You could also do nothing at all. Which lands you in the middle ground of passivity whether you choose it or not. No choice is always a choice. If you don’t actively engage your power for the positive or negative, then you choose to remain powerless. 

You have a choice to step into your power over the course of your life. Power is present and available. Cultivating, collecting, and tending to your power infuses and drives your life. It allows you to be protected and held so you can release, let go, evolve, and grow. It’s both the container and the contents.

Imagine what it would be like to be fully in your power and engaged in cultivating your boundaries and the beautiful expression that is you. The power path calls you home to yourself. It’s a declaration of your value and worth. Because – yes – you matter. And your contribution matters. 

Power remains a neutral party. It’s at the ready, listening for your guidance and direction. Will you choose to be powerful today?

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash